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  BUT NOT UNCLE VANYA                                           

Aporia Artists Collective, 2022
Fidget Space, Philadelphia PA

Written & Adapted by Alice Hakvaag
Directed by Hannah Postlewait
Co-conceived by Hannah Postlewait & Alice Hakvaag
Filmed & Edited for BroadwayOnDemand by Julianne Schaub
Stage Management by Abby Kastenberg

SONIA: Maggie Brennan
YELENA: Megnot Toggia
ASTROV: Kevin McCann

Uncle Vanya. But without. You know. Uncle Vanya. An existentialist take on Chekhov’s classic work, where Astrov, Sonia & Yelena are left to figure the story out on their own. Created with scenes from the original text, woven together with letters between he and his muse, Olga Knipper of the Moscow Art Theatre (for whom the role of Yelena was written), and new content from Philadelphia playwright, Alice Hakvaag. What is a play without its titular role? Who gets a say in the way we preserve stories? And how far CAN you get before the infamous Chekhov's gun inevitably rears its ugly head?

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